My gadgets

Mechanical keyboard

I've been using a mechanical keyboard since 2015 and it's only in 2022 that I ventured into the rabbit hole that is custom mechanical keyboards. My current build is:

  • Glorious GMMK Pro
  • Unlubed Panda Switches
  • Aluminium switch plate
  • GPBT Ocean Blue keycaps

I realize that this is pretty stock and I don't have a single modification or custom part that Glorious doesn't sell, but I see this as my introduction into this world. I've got my eye on Mode SixtyFive for my next build.


I have quite a few cubes and I really like them all. Learning the 4x4 and 5x5 stretched my brain but that was nothing compared to learning the Square-1. Right now, I'm focusing on the 3x3 and working on my algorithms. I've slowly been building up muscle memory for 2-look OLL and PLL. My main 3x3s at the moment are:

  • Tornado V3 M Pioneer
  • WeiLong WR M 2021 MagLev
  • Super RS3 M 2022 Base

I've set these up with a combination of Weight 3, Gravitas, Silk and Mystic. These were the lubes I could get access to and since it was my first time using lubed cubes, I don't have much of a comparison point. I'm trying to get my hands on DNM-37 and setting up one of cubes from scratch to see if that like that addition better.