My top picks

Frontend tools

React will always have a special place in my heart because it was my gateway into the frontend world (and it's still paying the bills, lol). It rightfully brought me out of a world where I was building web applications in Java, and today I happily put up with all the chaos that is the modern frontend. These are my favorite technologies right now:

  • Vanilla Web Components & Lit
  • Plain ol' HTML and CSS
  • Solid

Fullstack, serverless & more

I definitely got thrown in the deep end with these ideas and technologies, but it's really shaped my understand of fullstack web applications and serverless technologies. Even though I started with Next.js (straight from create-react-app without a clue in the world of what's even possible), it wasn't until Deno's Fresh and Astro that things really started clicking. This is pretty much the order in which I made that journey:

  • 11ty
  • Astro
  • Deno Deploy

Programming languages

I'm quite a programming language geek! I may not be great at many of them, but I absolutely adore them. These are my top favorites:

  • Zig
  • JavaScript with JSDoc
  • Go
  • TypeScript

Podcasts & YouTube Channels

I consume this content virtually every single day:

  • CoRecursive Podcast
  • JavaScript Jabber
  • JSParty
  • Syntax FM
  • Changelog
  • Ryan Carniato's streams and VODs
  • Kevin Powell's YouTube channel